What age is WordStruct intended for?

  • Nine years and older

What are WordStruct 3.0 pieces made of?

  • 0.2" thick sustainable plywood

How big are WordStruct pieces? 

  • letter tiles are 1.5" x 1.5" x 0.2" thick
  • base tiles are 0.75" tall by 1.5" tall x 0.2" thick 

    What font is used on letter tiles?

    • WordStruct uses a custom font designed to work with our unique tiles
    How do pieces interlock?
    • all tiles have notches in them that have been engineered to connect easily but firmly.  

      How many types of games can be played with a Wordstruct set?

      • building 3D word structures up and above a flat surface
      • forming words in two dimensions on a table-top 

      How difficult is it to play 3D WordStruct?

      • thinking about two words at the same time, and creating words in three different planes (axes) can be a bit challenging at first.  However, with a little practice it becomes easier and more fun.  AND, as you play WordStruct more your word power and design savvy with increase simultaneously!

        Is WordStruct patented?

        • Yes WordStruct has been issued a utility patent by the USPTO and a design patent is pending.

        Where is WordStruct made?

        • WordStruct is made in the USA!
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