What age is WordStruct intended for?

  • Nine years and older

What are WordStruct pieces made of?

  • 1/16" specialized acrylic printed with a high tenacity, wear-resistant ink 

How big are WordStruct pieces? 

  • letter tiles are 1" x 1" x 1/16" thick 
  • base tiles are 0.5" tall by 1.0" tall x 1/16" thick 
  • frames are 6" tall x 12" wide x 1/16" thick

What does a WordStruct game set include?

  •  two frames each containing 50 octagonal tiles, and 6 four-sided base tiles (which support word structures),  98 of the total 100 octagonal tiles have letters on them and 2 of the octagonal tiles are blank and may be used as any letter the player wants.  But the only one letter may be assigned to each blank letter tile in a game.  
  • a two-sided 11"x17" instruction sheet
  • a zippered storage pouch

What font is used?

  • WordStruct uses a custom font designed to work with our unique tiles
How do pieces interlock?
  • all tiles have notches in them that have been engineered to connect easily but firmly.  

What are the rules for playing WordStruct in 3D, and how is the winner decided?

How many types of games can be played with a Wordstruct set?

  • building 3D word structures up and above a flat surface
  • forming words in two dimensions on a table-top 
  • doing word searches with letter tiles that have been inserted into the frames

How difficult is it to play 3D WordStruct?

  • thinking about two words at the same time, and creating words in three different planes (axes) can be a bit challenging at first.  However, with a little practice it becomes easier and more fun.  AND, as you play WordStruct more your word power and design savvy with increase simultaneously!

Does WordStruct contain any lead or phthalates?

  • No, neither the acrylic or ink contain lead or phthalates.

Is WordStruct patented?

  • Yes WordStruct has been issued a utility patent by the USPTO and a design patent is pending.

Where is WordStruct made?

  • All components and processes used making WordStruct are in the USA!